Compatibility Issue with javascript native events

Adrenaline Team Dec 16, 2015 11:33AM PST


We're a digital agency that offers marketing solutions on digital platforms.
Right now, we're working with one of your customers NBC Universal (eonline la)
and we're having problems to implement one of our products in their sites specifically on mobile
platforms using MOBIFY script.

This is a very technical issue involving javascript events conflicts in which the native events that our
prodcuts rely on to be initialized are inhibited by the Swipe event acting on the window object for example,
as well as other events like scroll, etc.

So, we'd like to know if there could be any guidance from your side to overcome this kind of technical issues.

We really appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance.

Adrenaline Team

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Stewart Yu Dec 16, 2015 04:46PM PST Mobify Agent

Hi Adrenaline Team,

Mobify’s Web Experience Framework provides tools for developers to build mobile web experiences, so there’s actually no scroll or swipe behaviour that Mobify provides inherently. Any behaviour is written by the site’s developer or is provided in a library included on the mobile site. So, if you’re having issues with swiping/scrolling, there’s unfortunately probably some JavaScript running on mobile that’s interfering with your logic.

What I’d recommend is to work with the developers of the EOnline LA mobile site to see if this can be identified. Perhaps there’s a library that they’re using that’s causing this. In this situation, they could remove scripts from the mobile site one by one, until your script starts working – this would identify which is the cause of the problem. Once identified, a better decision can be made as to whether the script should be completely excluded on mobile, or if it should be fixed to maintain the script’s functionality, but also allow for your own scrolling/swiping functionality as well.

Hope this helps!

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