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mark handy Mar 17, 2014 06:38AM PDT

We've noticed that the build in text to speech on Android 2.3 doesn't work. Other platforms seems fine. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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Michael Mar 17, 2014 11:54AM PDT Mobify Agent

Hi Mark,

Can you tell me a bit more about the issue you’re experiencing? It’d be useful to have the following pieces of information:

  • Device make and model
  • Specific version of Android OS 2.3
  • Default text-to-speech engine installed on the device
  • Steps to reproduce the problem

When you say that TTS isn’t working, what kind of symptoms are you running into? Is there no icon available to initiate TTS? Does TTS not initiate when clicking the TTS icon? If there’s a specific example you could give me so I could reproduce the problem, that would be very helpful.


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mark handy Mar 18, 2014 07:25AM PDT
Hi Michael,

Here's the device specs.

Device: HTC A7275
OS: Android 2.3.3
Browser: Android Browser v 2.3
JavaScript: enabled
Cookies: enabled
Flash: 10.1.106 installed
Java: 5 installed
Device screen: 336 x 5005 pixels, 32 bit
Browser screen: 728 x 6557 pixels
"Do Not Track": Disabled
Browser Add-ons: Ad Blocker

The TTS engine is the google default (Google Talkback). What we've seen, on this android device only, is when we view our preview site nothing is read. Functionality is fine, but we're not getting any speech.

The same TTS engine on a Note 1 or 2, with an updated OS, will read out copy, alt tag, button value, etc.

I can be reach here.


Mark Handy
Sr. Interface Developer

121 King St. West, Suite 1800
Toronto, ON M5H 3T9
TEL +1 416 362-8407 x2333 - Toronto
FAX +1 604 662-8409
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Michael Mar 18, 2014 11:59AM PDT Mobify Agent

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for the additional information. We actually have a HTC A7275 (Desire Z) on Android 2.3.3 available here at the office, so I installed Google Talkback and had a look.

When I go to any website within Android Browser, i.e., it does not read back page content within the browser window. With the Pico TTS engine, Google Talkback accessibility option, and the default Android Browser on Android 2.3.3, the ability to read back page content with the Pico TTS engine is unfortunately not possible - whether you’re visiting a Mobify.js-powered website or not. Newer versions of Android OS like 4.0+ can include this type of functionality, however!


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