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Ryan Coutu Mar 27, 2014 09:28PM PDT

I have been mobifying my site www.edgewood.ca with Studio. I have run into a couple of issues. When I try to navigate to my login page I cannot advance past where I input username and password. I can mobify the login page but cannot login through the mobify. I also am unable to test if my contact form will work. I have filled in the data but cannot submit the form. Is there a way to login and email from the proxyserver?

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Jennifer Mar 28, 2014 12:08PM PDT Mobify Agent

Hi Ryan,

The issues you’re seeing with your forms are most likely related to missing or blocked Javascript. It looks like form submissions on those two pages are handled by Javascript functions, there’s a submitForm function that appears to be called by your site. Does that sound correct?

If you are trying to reach the page after the login form within Studio, the form submission won’t work because we disable Javascript within the source iframe. This is because Mobify will run your selections before any Javascript can run, by disabling Javascript within the Studio Editor your site is in a state that is almost identical to the state it will be in when Mobify runs your selections.

That being said there is a possible work around to this problem. Within a new tab browse to your site normally, login successfully and copy the resulting page URL, return to the Mobify Studio Editor, then enter the URL for that page into the URL bar from the Navigate tab. You should now see the correct page within the Mobify Studio editor.

The problem you are seeing with the contact form is most likely because none of your desktop scripts are being included in the mobile version of your page. Since your form submission code is defined in your scripts, your form submissions will not work without this Javascript present on the page. One way to fix this would be to add all of your desktop scripts into the base template for your mobile site.

To do this, click on the HTML button within the Studio Editor, then click on the “HTML Includes” drop down and select “Base”, add the {script} key to your base template just under your scriptsBlock. That would look like this:

{+scriptsBlock} {/scriptsBlock} {script}

Your desktop scripts will now be included on all of your mobile templates, so form submissions should work correctly.

Hope this helps,

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Ryan Coutu Mar 31, 2014 03:05PM PDT
Thank You Jennifer,
Your answer helped me navigate to the login page and send email. Now that I am have been able to navigate to the secure section I have determined I want this part of my website to remain unmobified/ pointed to the full website. Is there a way to do this?
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Jennifer Mar 31, 2014 04:41PM PDT Mobify Agent

Hi Ryan,

If there’s no template associated with the page, then it won’t Mobify. You may need to adjust your template selections in order to prevent the page from Mobifying. You’ll need to make sure the page URL doesn’t match any of the template URL matches you’ve set up.

Another option would be to remove the tag from the page in question. I wouldn’t recommending doing that though, you could end up removing the tag from other pages you wish to Mobify, or you could accidentally add the tag back to that page and it would Mobify again.


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